5 Things Nobody Tells You About C-Sections



When I found out that I was pregnant with my first son, I was ecstatic! Those 9 months went so smoothly that I thought to myself, “This whole C-section thing will be a breeze to get through!” I had heard horror stories from some friends of mine and just didn’t think any of that would apply to me! My hubby and I even went to the birthing classes to get more information on the procedure. All looked easy enough to get through….. Right?

WRONG! Let me make a list of the 5 things nobody tells you about C-sections..

  1. Anxiety during surgery prep- Of course when I got to the hospital at the crack of dawn, (the sun hadn’t even shown its face yet!) I had those butterflies in my stomach. All I could think about was how the next time I would be coming out of that hospital, would be with my new baby! Everything went well until…. I got into the operating room to get the spinal tap done. I ended up panicking right before the spinal tap was put in. That poke doesn’t feel great, buts its bearable, because right when it hits, your body goes completely numb from the chest down. After this was done, I was able to relax a bit. If you end up having an anxiety or a panic attack right before your C-section, just remember to breathe! Don’t let yourself hyperventilate. Also, it’s best to let the nurses and doctors know. They are there to help you through it all!
  2. Pain,pain,pain!-Now please keep in mind that every woman is different! Some women are up walking around immediately and people like me…were stuck in bed and in horrible pain! Of course laying in that big hospital bed felt good because you are able to sleep, relax and have some one on one time with your new baby. Usually the nurses will have you walking around quite quickly since it helps you recover quicker to be mobile. When I first got out of that hospital bed, I honestly felt like my stitches were going to rip open! I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt. It was extremely painful to walk, laugh… and just move! I definitely made my presence known with the nurses. I was constantly hitting the call button to have them administer pain meds! (“More Percocet please!”) You’ll need it!
  3. The stylish MONSTER pads- When I went to the bathroom for the first time after surgery, I was able to see what the nurses had dressed me in. It was quite stylish I must say! (Yeah right!!) Picture this… a pair of these net looking underwear.. (and I mean net, like fishnet stockings!) What makes that even better is the fact that you have this giant pad placed in your underwear. It almost looked like someone had folded up a dog training pad and stuck it in there. On the plus side, it was quite comfortable because of all the cushion in it. Who’s going to be look at your sweet new pair of fish net underwear anyways? Might as well enjoy it! 🙂
  4.  Bleeding…when does it end?- The reason for you wearing those giant pads is because you WILL bleed. Many women think that they won’t go through some of the same things as women who give birth naturally. That just isn’t true! I was so happy to not have a period for 9 months! Until I realized that the postpartum bleeding made up for all those months it was gone..
  5. You still have a belly!- Try to refrain from watching TV shows or movies that show those oh-so-dramatic births!!  They will show the mother looking slender and back to having her pre-pregnancy belly…..(lies!!!) In reality, this just doesn’t happen. Actually it can take 6-8 weeks for your uterus to shrink back to size!!! (Go ahead, let that sink in for a minute..) I actually didn’t know about this when I had my first son, so you can just imagine how I felt when I looked down to what looked like a 4-5 month pregnant belly.

So just remember that any way that a mother gives birth, whether it be naturally or by C-section, the experience is something you will never forget! No matter how you gave birth, the end result is always the same. An adorable little addition to your family. ❤




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