“Your son is ‘Special'”..

_Your son is 'Special'_...


Normally I wouldn’t let my kids tell me to be quiet, but my oldest son is different and I feel like it would be wrong of me to yell at him. He is extremely sensitive to noises. When we go about our day, I have to make sure that nothing triggers him or he cries and has a tantrum. Some of his trigger noises include: TV turned up too loud, his little brother making too much noise, vacuuming… and that’s not even half of it..

I began noticing that he was different than other children when he was just a baby. He would lay on the bed with me and stare out the window. Watching the beautiful environment surrounding him. He seemed to focus hard on specific objects though. A tree branch, bird,  and leaves falling to the ground. When I say he was focusing on an object, I mean he was examining it! At one of his checkups I let his doctor know what he was doing and he just told us that we had one smart child on our hands. That he would be “special”.

When he was old enough to start talking… he wasn’t. He missed a few milestones, but nothing very alarming. When I would be in public with him, I would notice how children his age would interact with others. He would say a couple easy words but when he wanted to have a conversation, it was just gibberish, almost like a very long mumble. I had a really hard time communicating with him when I would ask him what he would want to drink or even try to get him to tell me what toy he wanted to play with. He wouldn’t even point to what he wanted.  I really couldn’t get anything out of him except for frustration and tears. He had started Head Start, a program that allows children to get education before they enter Kindergarten. They called me and told me that he was having difficulties with processing information and speech. I ended up having to get him tested to get into their Special Education Program. He had gotten accepted into the program and honestly, it was the best decision we had made for him. He seemed to be talking more, at a slower pace, of course, but he was talking more! One of the big problems was that he didn’t want to socialize with any children.

At one point when he was 3 going on 4, I started questioning everything. Was he Autistic? Asperger’s maybe? His pediatrician sent him to get examined for a possible diagnosis, but to our dismay, the doctor there who examined him, wasted our time. Since then, we haven’t found any doctor who would take him in to observe him because of his age. I have talked to case workers who have said that Arizona is a really tough state when it comes to these type of resources. When children hit age 4-5, most doctors wont see the child. At that time I felt so alone and didn’t know what to do. All I wanted was for my son to get all the help he needed.

Fast forward to today, he is an extremely smart boy, who you may just say was a late bloomer when it came to talking. He still has moments where I still question him having Autism. He stands in front of the TV to watch it, (I have to drag him away from it!) covers his ears to so many different sounds, still has some issues with talking, does repeated motions and is probably the best Lego builder and puzzle maker you ever saw! At the time being, I figure I would just communicate to his teachers to let me know if they feel as though there is something he is having problems with. He starts Kindergarten next week and this Mama is a nervous wreck! Even though my son may need help more than his brother will ever need, he is my baby and I will help him in any way I can…



5 thoughts on ““Your son is ‘Special'”..

  1. Very honest read. If you ever have any questions I also happen to have a masters degree in special education…I’m kind of a jack of all trades. 😉

    Your boy will do amazing things, because he has the best advocate by his side.

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    1. Awww thanks! I have to let other women know they are not alone! Thank you for being there for me your so awesome!
      And… your too sweet. Brought a little tear to my eye. Thank you. I know he will do big things in life! 🙂


  2. My son was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2. It seems like your son at least might have sensory processing disorder, which most of all autistic people have. Most have difficulty with loud sounds or bright lights. My son is a sensory craver which means he likes those things, although he can’t stand dropping food on himself for some reason. Sounds like yours is doing better, though!


    1. Thanks for the comment Gloriousmomblog! I actually have been considering the SPD as well. Is this something I should discuss to his teachers right away? Sounds seem to be getting worse for him. I have to meet the teacher tomorrow (eek!) and I’m kind of thinking I should in case she sees him covering his ears or crying. I guess I am just nervous for him because I don’t want him to get embarrassed or think he is any different than the other children. I have never heard of a sensory craver. That’s actually very interesting. Your little man sounds adorable though!!


      1. If your teachers have any experience with special needs at all they should understand it right away. Although from your experience, maybe not! I would definitely address your concerns that he might have SPD. Yeah, autism is weird in that one kid with autism may act completely different from another. Many autistic people can’t stand public places, but they energize my son.


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