6 Items Every New Mom Should Never Go Without

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The scariest part of finding out I was pregnant with my first, was knowing what items I needed. You can ask around to friends, coworkers and even your own mother and all will overwhelm you with that massive list of baby must haves! I use to carry a list in my purse, so when anyone suggested something, I’d add it right on. After having him, I started to realize I didn’t use more than half of the items I had purchased! (Pictured below was just half of what I had for him!) So I have come up with a small list of must haves for Moms to Be!


1. Swaddlers– These basic cloths that wrap your child up like a burrito, are simply amazing. My son loved feeling all wrapped up, warm and cozy. I know there are tons of swaddlers to choose from but I made it simple and affordable. I went to Walmart and purchased a 4 pack of some stretchy baby blankets and he loved it just the same! Honestly, unless you really want to buy them, I wouldn’t spend the money on the name brand swaddlers. These worked great!


2. Burp Cloths– These are a must have! It will seem like your little bundle of joy spits up more than they even ate! Your going to ask yourself where in the world they stored all of this in there tiny little belly! When shopping around, you will find a huge range of prices. One tip that I can share with you: skip over all those pricey and thin burp cloths! You don’t need to make spitting up a fashion statement. Invest in Gerber Cloth Diapers. Might sound strange at first, but trust me, I know what I am talking about from experience! My mom introduced them to me and I know so many other Moms out there are doing the same! These cloth diapers are soft to the touch, easy to clean and they dry faster than most of the cloths out there! I purchased them at Walmart as well for $12 for a pack of 10.

Image source: Walmart.com



3. Pacifiers– Now even though both of my boys couldn’t stand pacifiers starting around the age of 1 month, they still loved the Soothie pacifiers. These pacifiers are typically given to you at the hospital after you give birth. I ended stocking up on them! I got 3 packs of 2 so I would always have a back up. You will always end up losing one unexpectedly! These are very reasonable in price and the quality of them is excellent!

Image source: Walmart.com


4. Newborn Sleeper Gowns-I love these adorable pieces of itty bitty clothing! My sister took one look at these adorable Pj’s and said, “Why is he wearing a dress?”. Well they are definitely not dresses but they do look just as cute! These pajamas make it easy for the baby to slip their legs in and out for comfort. Not only this, but can I just say how easy it is to change their diapers? You have no snapping or zipping, just slip it right up!

Image source: babyearth.com



5. Bouncer– In the picture below you can see that my son would pass out as soon as he would hit that bouncer! He wasn’t much of a swinger, he hated them! So as you can imagine, this was a life saver! You don’t even need to stick with the pricey ones because they all serve the same purpose. The hardest part is picking which color you want!!



6. Bassinet– The bassinet that I purchased had music and vibration included. This was amazing! The rhythmic vibrations, and the sweet lullaby, along with being swaddled, was the perfect combination! Underneath the bassinet was the perfect amount of storage that I could hold extra pacifiers, breast pump, diapers and wipes. Putting his bed next to mine made a lot of my worries disappear. I could easily sneak a peek at him to make sure he was alright!

Image source: Babiesrus.com



The one thing that can be tough is having a picky baby! Some people will suggest buying pacifiers, bottles, booties, hand mittens and so much more. There are children like mine who despised all of that! They would slip off their booties and hand mittens. Just because people suggest something doesn’t always mean your baby will want to use it. The best thing I did was purchase one of each item (when I had my second son) to see if he would even use them.


What were some of your favorite baby items when your child was born?


15 thoughts on “6 Items Every New Mom Should Never Go Without

  1. Been awhile since I had babies here, as my youngest will be 6 in a few short weeks now. But definitely nailed it with your advice, especially with having a picky baby and buying multiples of items, as my older was my picky baby and we most certainly had to try different brands of items with her before finding what would work at times. So, just couldn’t agree more with you on that and more here #happynowlinkup


  2. Swaddlers are a definite must-have. Once we had baby #2 and #3, we realized the pack ‘n play was a lifesaver. When you have three under 5 years old, the youngest needs to be kept safe while Mom is busy with the other two.


  3. I definitely bought up Babies R Us when my first was born! It’s challenging because what was invaluable to one mom, might not be invaluable to me. Live and learn and realize less is usually enough. 🙂 #happynowlinkup


  4. My girls are big now, but I remember how invaluable those muslin (burp) cloths were, I practically had one on my shoulder the whole time they were tiny. We didn’t have the cute little sleeper gowns (not sure if we have them in the UK), but my goodness when they get older and they kick their covers off a grobag was an absolute must. Ultimately, different mummies will find different things useful, but I think your concise list has the basics well covered. Have a great week #happynowlinkup

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      1. Oh no! Hope you feel better! He’s five months, now most things we got him is redundant. So chuffed Christmas is around the corner as walkers, jumperoos and older baby toys are being bought. I tell you we timed this baby perfectly haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha!! Awwww. Five months. I miss that age! We had the boys at almost the same time, 2 years apart. They both started transitioning into walkers and such around Christmas time. It was great to use those as presents!

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  5. Every baby is different and will like different things. Peachy loves her swing and the only pacifier she will use is the NUK. Buying one of things is definitely good advice. Except for burp cloths. Those you can’t have enough of. The ones we used doubled for swaddling. #happynowlinkup


    1. Oh yes both my boys loved different things. The burp cloths, we had tonnnns of. The swing, they both didn’t like. It was definitely the bouncer that won their hearts. Lol sorry for the late response. I was very sick last week.

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  6. Definitely agree that swaddlers are a lifesaver with newborns. Though I couldn’t get through that first year without a baby swing. That’s my #1 item on the must have list for most parents.


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