The Dreaded First Day..

by_ thegeekymama

Pulse is racing, a bead of sweat is seen by the glistening of the sun, tears form, ready to flow.. You would think that I was talking about my 4 year old, who started Kindergarten on Wednesday.. but no, I am talking about me. The first day of school didn’t even seem to phase him. I woke up at 5 am, completely sleep deprived because I had worried all night about his first day.

I woke him up, got him dressed, brushed his teeth and hair while letting him watch his favorite cartoons. Every couple of minutes I would ask him, “Are you nervous?”, when in all reality, I was the one that was. The Kindergarten classes feed the kids breakfast, so after getting him organized and having him eat, I embarrassed him by blowing him over a dozen kisses…. He still showed no sign of being nervous.

As soon as I hit the parking lot, I broke down. I tried so hard to hold back since my 2 year old was in my arms, but it was no use. How could my little baby be a Kindergartner already? Kindergarten is just the beginning. To be honest, I am scared. Scared that time will rush by and the next thing I know, he is in high school.

So, of course I watched the clock all day long. Waiting for 2:30 to hit so I could hurry and get my big boy.. But no.. time decided to drag on and on and on. As soon as that big hand hit the 6 on that clock, my son and I jumped into the car to go grab him. It was a relief to have him in my car again. My first question to him was “How was school?” His response? “Good, can I have your phone?”

Dang you, Pokémon GO! 🙂

How was your child’s first day of school? Did you cry on their first day?



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