10 Things I Do Everyday {Guest Post by: This Beautiful Life of Ours}



To be here every day is to be filled with a certain kind of attitude that screams from the rooftops, “I’m grateful for another day to be awesome”…right? Not really actually, for many of us, waking up is another laborious chore, another day to simply “do yesterday all over again” but could it mean we are simply doing something wrong? Could it be that we are not channeling our energies in the right direction and ultimately maximizing our full potentials when given that new day, that clean slate?

While I, just like everyone have good and bad days; I will share 5 things I do every day that add just a little pep to my step so to speak.


1) I pray; to me there is no moment more tranquil or peaceful than during prayer. However if you are reading this and do not believe in the sanctity of prayer, then perhaps you could try the art of meditation.

2)Say please and thank you; we live in a world where we are so consumed with ourselves that we forget other people exist and that they too have real feelings. When we offer kindness and appreciation, we feel good, not just because we are giving away simple courtesies that could make someone else feel better but because kindness is often reciprocated and there’s nothing a little kindness cannot fix.


3) Eat healthy; there is a direct correlation between the things we put in our bodies and our overall state of well-being. It can metaphorically be explained as, “garbage in, garbage out” If we feed our bodies garbage; everything exerted as a result will also be garbage.

4) Workout. Some days this is a 15 minute run but it makes me feel great because not only am I carving time out solely for myself but the chemicals and hormones released as a result of working out increase productivity and creates a happier feeling.


5) Have some alone time. This is crucial especially if you are a stay at home mom. This would mean that you never have the opportunity to think before someone interrupts your thought process. Let thoughts flow; give yourself the chance to unwind and relax and hear yourself think and it will make all the difference.


..And now 5 things I do on a more specific, personal level every day:

1) I make my bed before I do anything else

2) I shower at least once every single day

3) Even when I don’t have anywhere to go, I put on proper clothes everyday

4) I call/text at least one friend and one family member everyday- being able to stay connected gives me that notion of socialization that can sometimes be lost when dealing with littles, all day every day.

5) I eat fruits and vegetables every day.




About the Blogger: This Beautiful Life Ours


Naimah has a Masters in Information Technology and after contemplating a career, she decided to stay at home to raise and abundantly enjoy her children. She currently homeschools 2 of her 4 children, writes passionately about the beautiful journey of life, dabbles in crafts with her daughter, builds forts with her sons and races more cars on the kitchen floor than you would imagine.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things I Do Everyday {Guest Post by: This Beautiful Life of Ours}

  1. It’s so important to identify and then do things that are so important to us. One thing I’m certain to do every day is drink a lot of water. I love water, so this is my main beverage every day. 🙂


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