D.I.Y Vanity Organizer



Let me start off by saying that I am a sucker for deals. Who isn’t these days? A couple months ago, my hubby purchased me a brand new vanity. I was so excited to get it all stocked up and organized but still needed to buy the organizers to get started. I looked online and in stores and couldn’t believe the prices that were listed on them. I have always loved being crafty, so I decided to look on Youtube for any helpful advice. That is when I stumbled on an adorable vanity organizer. This tray is probably one of the most inexpensive projects I have ever had! Here is a picture of what the project looked like, after it was complete..


Lets get started! These are the materials you will need to purchase:


I highly recommend using E6000! This glue is extremely strong and perfect if you want to put something a little heavier on the trays. I purchased this at Walmart for under $5. Want to guess where I got the other 3 items? Dollar Tree!

You will need 2 silver nickel plated serving trays (the large circular trays). Now if you look at my finished piece, you will notice that there is a small square mirrored plate at the very top.. You have the option to make this a 1 or a 2 tier piece. If you choose to do a 2 tier (meaning two candle holders high) then you would attach a mirror to the top. Again, it is all up to you. For my project I got a small square mirror, 2 glass candle holders, and 2 silver plates.

To get started you will take your candle holder and figure out exactly where the center of the large serving tray is. Once found, take the E6000 and apply glue to the top (not the bottom) of the candle holder. (Please note that the glue is hard to get off the tray, so figure that once it is on there, its on there for good.) Stick the side you applied the glue to the center of the large silver tray (Candle holder should be upside down). Set this aside for about 20-30 minutes to settle for just a bit.

Next, you will do the exact same thing with the other candle holder to the 2nd silver tray. After repeating the same steps, you will want to attach the two together. For this you will have to glue the unglued side of the candle holder onto the bottom of the other silver tray. (Find the middle!) When you are done with this you should have, one last unglued part of a candleholder. This is where you would either attach another tray or in my case, a small glass mirror. Just glue the unglued portion of the candleholder, find the center of the small glass mirror and glue on the candle holder to the bottom of the mirror. Your finished project should look very similar to mine. Make sure to let this all sit untouched, if you can overnight.. Do not put anything on the trays until dried completely!

I wish I had taken step by step photos for everyone to see, but at that time, I didn’t even have my blog! If this becomes confusing to you, please email me at: Thegeekymama451@gmail.com and I will walk you through it, step by step.

I honestly love this tray and use it to store some nail polish, some everyday jewelry, headbands and bows. What will you use yours for?




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