Four Lessons My Son Learned From Hockey {Guest Post By: Busy Mom Diary}



It was roughly 6 years ago, that a boy at the age of 4.5 woke up one Sunday morning and asked the all very important, all-Canadian question, “When do I play hockey?”. A question that surprised us as our son never showed interest in playing this sport and he had never even laced up a pair of skates. But, we are encouraging parents and had him enrolled for that season. It was a tough experience, but he held his own and learned how to skate on his own with the help of various coaches.

Year 2 – was better.  Year 3 – was awesome, his team won the Championship. By years 4 and 5 – that boy was our favorite player. We are now heading into our 6th season of Hockey – this one is a little different as we prepare for a new adventure with a new team, new coaches and new team mates. Ethan is doing great – I couldn’t be more proud of him for all his hard work and effort.

A few days ago, I overheard some parents in the arena talking and questioning if all the time and money that was spent in hockey (and other sports) was worth it knowing that the likelihood of our kid making it to NHL was next to impossible. This had me wondering the same thing, I mean hockey is an expensive sport, it takes up the majority of our weekends, squeeze in time for practices and it’s almost like a second career for many parents.

While my son’s goal and dream is to make it big and have his name called on NHL Draft Day – he knows that this goal is rare and challenging. The reasons my husband and I agreed to register our child for hockey was not to make the NHL. Yes, we support his rare dream and encourage him along the way. But, our encouragement is for the following things that we believe team sports will and have taught him about life.

We pay so that when he is tired and frustrated he has the determination and the focus to keep moving forward, never-giving up on his teammates and continues playing his best until the very last buzzer sounds off.

We pay so that he learns that respect is earned, not only for himself, but for his coaches, referees and officials, teammates and other opponents. All of these people work hard to make the game something we all love to watch and be a part of.

We pay to teach him how to problem-solve and think critically. As in life, on the ice sometimes things will not always go as planned or as you expect and you will need to think fast on your next move to make it to that goal.

We pay to teach him to be proud of his accomplishments, to learn from defeat and to practice keeping a positive attitude when the outcome is not what he had hoped for and encourage positive thinking.

Hockey is our team sport of choice and preference, but the endless teaching opportunities that can be life-changing for many children can be learned and taught from any team sport.




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5 thoughts on “Four Lessons My Son Learned From Hockey {Guest Post By: Busy Mom Diary}

  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to guest post on the Geeky Mama Blog. I really appreciate the support and help you have provided me. You’re Awesome Ashley.


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