5 Things I Learned From Blogging

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Back in July, before I started this blog, I was going through a tough time. I had just found out that I was 10 weeks pregnant, but came to find out there was no baby. Not only this but my oldest son, whom I believe has Autism, had been having a rough time.. I began looking for an outlet, something that could help me stop worrying and embrace life. This is when I.. on accident, ran into the idea of blogging. In just these three months I have learned so much. I thought I would take a moment to explain at least five.

  1. Friendship– When my husband and I had our first son… this is when my friends began to disappear. I will be honest.. My friend status was basically non existent. Blogging has shown me that there are women just like me. I am not alone. There are women out there with autistic children. There are women who suffer from PPD and PPA. My eyes have opened to how big this world really is and that there are so many people that care for you. It is hard to believe that you can have the most amazing friendship with someone and never have met them.
  2. My College Major– I am a full time student at a community college here in Arizona. I graduated as a Medical Assistant in February of this year. My heart was set on helping people, so I had went in the direction of becoming a nurse. When I started blogging, I started realizing how fun it was and how I loved researching the newest trends of marketing. I love the challenge of all the social media platforms. Everyday I tend to ask myself what is something I would improve. I enjoy testing different techniques and applying them to my Twitter account and Blog. I find that one of my biggest passions are helping other bloggers. Helping them get started, finding new applications to help create traffic, etc. The excitement of it all has had me switch majors from Health Care to Marketing, specifically in social media!
  3. Connecting With My Kids– I love my kids more than anything in this world. Although I had received the most amazing advice from my Mom, I still didn’t quite know how to raise two boys. It was a first for everything! Seeing posts and advice from other Mom’s has helped me to connect to my children better than I ever have. I have learned solutions to daily issues and ways to dodge even the worst tantrum from my 2 year old! I couldn’t be more grateful!
  4. I Can Be Creative!- Before I had blogging in my life, there weren’t many projects going on in this household. I never had that inspiration.. Seeing all these projects online being shared and posted, has inspired so many neat projects for my kids and I to do! I have never been so crafty before.. until now!
  5. Self-Confidence– This is BIG for me. Growing up, I was picked on a lot. So when I got into High School, it was one of the worst times for me. It took me many, many years to finally have some sort of confidence in myself. Even after I had my first son, I still questioned everything I did and if I was good enough to be a Mom to that handsome little boy. When blogging popped up in my life, I started to see that I wasn’t alone. I began to talk to other women who were going through some of the same issues I was. I have opened up myself in a way I never thought possible. I have been telling my story of Anxiety and Depression after baby… this isn’t something I would have done a couple years ago. You have all helped me find myself and love me for me.


I would just like to take a second to thank everyone for your help and your friendship. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of you!


27 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From Blogging

  1. I love this! I can’t relate with ppd but I have had anxiety and depression and even though I’ve only been bloggin for a short while, It is really making me and my family much happier! I am so glad I stumbled into you somehow on the “interwebs” because your blog and posts have helped me and inspired me a great deal! You are so helpful to new bloggers like myself, you rock!!


  2. I say go for it regarding marketing and social media! I am by no means an expert and yet every week I feel like I’m answering someone’s question about social media…and I know the answer and can help. That’s all because of blogging.



  3. I have enjoyed blogging for many of the same reasons. It’s quite the adventure, and teaches me something new all the time! Enjoyed your post! 🙂


  4. You have made such great strides in such a short period of time. You are so right about the connections and friendships you can make in the blogosphere. I feel so close to so many people that I have never met.


    1. Isn’t it amazing, just feeling so close to other people that you’ve never seen, and be able to help each other out? You all motivate me to keep going and not to give up! Thank you for the comment sweetie. ❤❤


  5. I have definitely learned a ton blogging as well. I had no idea there would be so much to do when I first started, but most of it is crazy fun 🙂 I really love the connections I have made with other bloggers. The community is basically so welcoming and willing to help, it is awesome!


    1. Isn’t it amazing!!? It was definitely hard in the beginning. I completely agree with you on that. Over the weeks and reaching out to other bloggers, I have met all of you inspiring women! I’m so blessed! ❤❤


  6. I really hear you about blogging and friendship and self-confidence. I am making valuable friendships online, and when I put together a decent post it makes me feel better about myself. Great post here!

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  7. I honk friends disappearing is a standard sign of motherhood. Being 19 none of my friends really have any babies so I was pretty on my own! One reason why I decided to start blogging too 🙂 #HappyNow


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