#TOP5CRAFTYMAMAS Picks of the Week! {Week 2}


Thank you for the #TOP5CRAFTYMAMAS submissions last week!

Make sure to visit these lovely ladies’ blogs, links are provided with their submission… Lets get started!!

Our Apple Picking Adventure Fall Funday!

Yay! Its Fall! Such a pretty time of year and always so many fun things to do with your kids like going to the pumpkin patch, playing in the leaves, getting ready for Halloween, and visiting your local orchard to harvest your own apples! We have never done this before so we didn’t have high hopes about Braydon enjoying it, or whether or not we would even know what we were doing! As mentioned in the about section of this blog; we are from the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon. There are tons of farms, orchards, and farmers markets in our area that offer you to go and forage for your own produce. We chose to go to a small family owned farm outside of town called Beilke Family Farm. We found out about it through an online local community group. When we arrived it was so nice outside, so we had definitely picked a good day to go!

As we got out of the car a nice girl offered to take our families picture in front of their sign and then she took her time explaining to us what was in season and how the signs point you down each isle that can be picked along with what apples are growing there. We picked a five gallon bucket which only cost us $11.00 and took our time walking up and down the rows. Braydon had such a blast helping pick the apples and he was good about not putting the nasty ones off the ground into our bucket. As we were heading out of the orchard the people working there had informed us that there is a free fall harvest festival starting on October 15th that will have games, apple tastings, and other fun stuff; so we will definitely be heading back that way this fall! It was such a great experience for us all and We were able to score a ton of apples which means tons of activities and recipes with apples!! If you are looking for a fun fall family activity I highly recommend taking your family to go apple picking at your local family orchard. It is so rewarding and an earthy experience. Don’t forget to check back often and subscribe! I will be having and applesauce and fruit leather recipes posted soon since we have acquired so many apples! lots of fun fall posts ahead!



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