The Beauty Behind Handmade Soap {Guest Post By: Giveaway Guy}



A couple years ago my wife got a couple bars of handmade soap from a farmer’s market, and she has raved about them ever since. Part of the reason is that farmer’s markets are fun and generally the people there are very friendly, and the other part is that handmade soaps are actually luxurious and good for your skin.

So now we’re jumping back on the natural soap train and the past few weeks I’ve featured many cool Etsy soap makers (or “soapers” as they call themselves) on my blog.


If you take the time to read some of my reviews, you’ll learn that handmade soap is often entirely composed of natural, organic ingredients. Soap makers like to avoid using artificial additives, synthetic substances, perfumes, parabens, chemicals, and harmful preservatives. It’s safe to say the soaps I’ve featured are pretty safe for most types of skin, so consider giving a bar a shot.

I also have a spot for honeybees and raw honey. You might guess where I’m going with this, and to enhance the skin healing properties of soap, raw honey can be added in the making process. I love raw honey products, and it’s a natural humectant. What’s a humectant, you ask? It absorbs moisture from the air, helping retain moisture in your skin.

Something my wife swears by is lavender. Did you know lavender has health benefits? It has the ability to eliminate nervous tension, nurture the skin, and treat respiratory problems. Soaps made with lavender essential oil are bound to calm and soothe your senses. Try washing with lavender after a stressful day.

You can get the most out of your soap bar by treating it with care. Don’t leave it sitting in water, and instead place it in a dish or on a ledge. In my bathroom, I have a soap dish that sits on the sink counter. The one I’ve got is designed to look somewhat like an industrial pallet, which I like.




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