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Before I begin with the interview, I would just like to say, how much this woman inspires me. I have the pleasure of working with this lovely lady as an expert contributor to her site. Since I could see how successful she was in almost everything she does, I thought it would be a great idea to ask her questions on what success is to her. Along with this, I want everyone to get the chance to know who Grace is and what she does. If you have any questions she is always around to answer them! You can email her at: Make sure to also check out her online magazine at:, she is always looking for guest posts!!


  1. How would you define success?

GC: To me, success is not necessarily based on monetary gain. If you have found balance in your life, if you have found happiness, if who you are or what you’re doing or what you’re producing is helping this world and its people, then to me, one is truly successful.


  1. Can you tell me what made you want to start your websites? (you have 2, correct?)

GC: The Baby Spot came to me over time. I’ve noticed that many magazines appealed only to a very specific niche and I’ve noticed that most people in my social circles did not fit into that niche.

I was also surprised that in the world of parenting, a lot of the information was being repeated over and over. Where was the support for the Mom who had a miscarriage or the father who watched his wife go through it? It was difficult to find great small businesses that produced a great product or service. They folded quickly because they just could not reach national or international level and no one would give them the attention that they deserved.

I decided to make a national magazine based in Canada. However, during the first month, most of our readers were from the United States. It came to me, why not be the first global parenting magazine? We could unite parents by celebrating the similarities but embracing the differences of parenting practices worldwide. I would talk about the 99% of people, brands and businesses that did not fit into that tiny niche.

Artist’s Opus is a twitter handle where we promote artist’s work from around the world. Well-known artists and amateur artists alike are featured with us. We have big plans for this handle in the future!


  1. If there was a time that you ever felt like giving up, what made you keep going? 

GC: I care about The Baby Spot and Artist’s Opus so much. Like every job, there are so many challenges with running a global parenting magazine. You have to think about little things like ensuring that a blog post transitions from country to country, from culture to culture. From another perspective, you have to stay on top of trends in fashion, blogging, business, politics, celebrity news, etc. I have definitely felt overwhelmed.

When I have felt like giving up, the thing that kept me going is that I love it. I am passionate about this. I love to write. I love telling other people’s stories for a living. I love seeing a small blog become a huge one. I love watching someone’s business or writing dreams come true.

In the darkest times of owning a business, it’s all about taking a step back, reminding yourself why you are logically doing this and stay focused. Confidence, Consistency and finding Cures for your problems.


  1. Do you have any tips for bloggers? 


GC: The Baby Spot will be setting up free blogging classes for bloggers in 2017 and we will be setting up big and small bloggers a like with brands, businesses, celebrities and experts so they can not worry about their reach and focus on content and quality.

As editor, I have noticed a lot of things that work and do not work. I am currently writing a book about it! I would love to tell a blogger to post consistently and timely. If you have one post a week, make sure it comes out once a week at the same time. Your readers are everything to your blog. It’s like going to read a newspaper. You go to buy your newspaper on Monday and you read the news. You like what you’re reading. You go on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and there is no newspaper. It publishes inconsistently. You probably stop reading that newspaper and you start reading their competitor. That’s what happens to a lot of blogs. They have great posts, but people like patterns and consistency.

Secondly, this is a tough business. Most blogs cease to exist in the first six months. If you blog for fun, then enjoy it! If you want this as a career, treated as such. Run your blog like a business.


  1. What is next for your websites, in this upcoming year?

GC: We will continue to promote our Artist’s Opus artists with my co-owner and ensuring that our audience sees the talent that exists around the world.

 We have some exciting things happening with The Baby Spot! We are creating a community of bloggers who want to be connected with businesses, brands, celebrities and experts. We will be giving tips on blogging and how to grow your audience. The Baby Spot community is supportive and helpful and we want to see blogs grow!

We will also be translating our website into French in 2017 and in Spanish in 2018.

We will be having more giveaways, twitter chats and more. We want to connect our readers and writers.

If I could describe 2017 to our readers and bloggers, I would sum it up as the year of opportunity for them. Whether you are winning a contest or creating a successful blog full of encouraging readers, this is your year.


  1. Can you give me a little bio on you? (How long you have been doing this..etc)

I am a gal with a global parenting magazine. I have had The Baby Spot for three and a half years. I am an author of a sci-fi novel, SINC. My second book comes out next year. I’m passionate about the parenting magazine, writing and watching people set and surpass their goals.


  1. What is your favorite part of what you do? 

GC: Connecting with amazing people. I love when people are successful. I enjoy the interaction with PR companies, bloggers, readers, celebrities, authors and experts. I love finding creative ways to tell a person’s story.


  1. Tips for someone that wants to get into your line of business. 

GC: This is HARD. You have to love this.

Don’t get competitive or think you have nothing to say. The parenting community is so big there is room for all of us. Enjoy your counterparts.


  1. What inspires you?

GC: That email. An email from a writer who tells me that they have had it rough lately, but having a platform to their truth as a parent is getting them through the week. That email when a small business tells me that a huge store just picked up their product. When I see my writers and readers support each other. That email where a reader says that one of my writers changed their life. That an article made them laugh, cry or think. It shows my website, in a sea of websites, has a heartbeat.


  1. What are your goals? (business or personal)

GC: My goals are to continue to write. I want to get my parenting books published and there is a lot of interests. I want to continue to write my sci fi books.

I want The Baby Spot to continue to touch our audience. I want the website translated so more people can write for us and read us. I want to continue to connect with readers, brands, businesses, and bloggers/vloggers/podcasters and make a global community.

I want people to walk away from my site and say they’ve learned something today.




Grace Cross

Editor/ Owner of

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