About Us!



Hello everyone! I am so excited to have you visiting my site! My name is Ashley, I am 28, with 2 young boys. Christian is my little shy gamer, who is 5 and Adam is my future football player, who is 2. I have been married to my hubby for 3 years! (Time goes by so fast!) We live in Mesa, Arizona…. and YES it is hot as heck out here! Honestly though, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. We love it here!

The reason I decided to make a blog was to connect with other Mama’s. I want Mama’s to know they are not alone in this crazy thing they call Mommyhood. Whether your dealing with tantrums, blow outs (not fun!), or having Post Partum depression… we have all dealt with most of this at some time or another. I also love to review! When ever I purchase anything (and I mean ANYTHING!), I am always looking up the reviews for what brand to buy. So not only am I a Mommy Blogger, but I am a Product Reviewer!

Here are some RANDOM facts about me:



  • I am a Stay-at-home mama! (I love it!)
  • Just graduated in February as a Medical Assistant.
  • I am  a Full-Time student at a Community College to Major in Marketing.
  • We have 10 video game consoles in our house. (about that…… shhhhh) 🙂
  • My hubby, kids, and I all collect action figures and knick knacks of the sort. My hubby is a huge Power Ranger and DC fan… (I’ll show pics in future blog posts!)
  • My family is full of geeks. My mom and brother own their own business dedicated to video games and everything related to them. www.8bitkitty.com
  • I am full of tattoos! (I went through a rebellion stage when I was 18 and ever since I had my boys, that has stopped! And… so has the tattoos..)
  • I am always using too many exclamation points, commas and periods in my posts.. Don’t judge me! 🙂
  • I am a list addict. I HAVE to keep organized!
  • I have PCOS and DON’T let that get me down!
  • I AM A FIGHTER! After having my youngest son, I developed Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. (PPD &PPA)
  • We are trying for our rainbow baby after falling pregnant with a Blighted Ovum in June. (fingers crossed for our rainbow baby!)



If you have any questions or would like to talk about me reviewing your products, please visit the CONTACT US page!