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Dear Geeky Mama,
I am wondering what tips you have for a new blogger on guest blogging. As a new blogger I know it is crucial to connect with other bloggers and it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site, however it can be intimidating to someone just starting out. What is the proper etiquette for guest blogging?
Brianna (The Bippity Boppity Mom)



Dear Brianna,

What a great question! When I first decided to do guest blogging, I really had no idea what I was doing. I started off with going to other bloggers pages and looking at how they organized everything. Meaning, I looked at the content on their page that talked about the rules and what they were looking for. I looked on about 10-15 sites, so I wouldn’t miss any information. I didn’t necessarily word my rules word for word, but they gave me an idea for I wanted.

I wanted my site to be a little different than the rest of the bloggers. I had noticed that quite a few of them had a topic in mind already and I know how hard it is to go from there. I knew that the best writing came from what the writer is passionate about. Try to be lenient with your rules but still enforce them. There were times I had to turn down bloggers. That is one of the hard parts to it… Telling someone who is passionate about writing, that they don’t quite match up with the content of your blog.

To give credit to those that were sharing their content with me,  I make sure to have a featured blogger of the week. That way they know that it was their turn to shine for the week on my blog. I write on all of my social media to let all my followers know who is posting. I basically just made sure everyone knew who that blogger was in every way I knew possible, photos, their social media links and even a bio about them.

One part of having guest blogging on my site that I am still learning, is how to stay organized. I am a perfectionist and I really hate feeling like anything is out of place. I had purchased a planner specifically for guest blogs and I make sure that when ever I receive an entry, I log their name on that available Monday. The only thing is, is that I have received so many requests that I am now getting into January. At this time I have stopped taking submissions only till everything can be caught up and there wont be some huge wait! Just make sure to plan out the day(s) you would like to publish a guest blog and stick with that. Also, make sure that you communicate with everyone and in a timely manner.

Now to guest blog on someone else’s site, make sure that you begin communicating with the blogger right away. Be sure that you both are on the same page about rules, what content they would like you to write about, how many words, if the post needs to be original or not, the due date.. etc.

I hope this helps some!



Dear Geeky Mama,

I love blogging, but I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. How do I prioritize my time and keep organized? Help! I need some suggestions!


One Lost Mama


Dear One Lost Mama,

First let me say thank you for your question. Prioritizing your time can be quite difficult when you have a family, work, blog..etc. The best way is to keep everything written down on either a planner or a calendar. Write down everything you need to do in the day. Whether it be: Doctor Appointments, writing a blog post, after school activities, or even what you will be having for dinner, make sure you take a second of your day to jot it down. I personally use my planner to schedule guest posts on my blog, what’s for dinner, my homework assignments, therapy appointments for my son and what the topic of my blog post will be about. Just remember that family comes first. Your blog can wait. What I like to do is spend the day with my family, and write at night, once the boys are in bed. Yes, I do jump on my phone from time to time to check on my posts and messages. Just try to keep it at a minimum if possible. It is definitely hard when you first start out as a blogger because you can become consumed with your site. There is so much to do in the beginning, make sure you don’t let yourself get burned out within the first month. Hope this helps!

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