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Potty training… those two words had been haunting me ever since my youngest son was born. My oldest instantly transitioned but this time I knew it wouldn’t be so easy. We had just begun trying to potty train my youngest son and he had already tried the small drop in seats and the seats that slide directly on top of the existing toilet seat. This didn’t seem to help at all.  I was approached by Family Seat, whom is based in the UK, to try out their wonderful toilet seat that benefits the whole family. How could I say no to the possibility of my son being potty trained so easily? I received the seat very quickly and boy was I surprised!


I received a toilet seat unlike any other I had seen in the stores here in the US. The seat I received is called Talia Soft Close Family Toilet Seat. I instantly had my husband install it! Installation was very easy, so easy that I was able to help! (I am not much of a repair man at home.) Instructions were easy to read and to follow and knowing that there was customer service to help me if I needed it, was very reassuring. The toilet seat comes with a 10 year warranty, which to me, is an added bonus! Plus, my son is notorious at letting the toilet seat fall down with force, so I needed something that was quiet! This seat is a soft close, meaning if you were to drop it, it would close slowly and quietly. This is beneficial because I am reassured my son wont get his fingers squished with the force of it being closed!

Once you open the top lid to the to seat, inside you will see a smaller version of the toilet seat attached! The seat is magnetic at the top, so it is able to hold on to the lid when you are not using it. The seat was the perfect size for my 2 year old!

While I was looking at the contents that were inside the box, I came across something so adorable! Take a look:


The seat comes with a potty training chart and a hanger for the door. How cute is that? I knew instantly that this company was very dedicated into making sure that you had the best resources possible to make the transition from diaper to potty a breeze! An added bonus, is if you go on to their website: familyseat.com, there are FREE downloads and even resources for you if you need more help with your little one.



Why not support a  company that makes donations for children with EVERY SEAT purchased. Now this is a company, I will be working with again!

Make sure to check out their wonderful website at: familyseat.com for more info on their seats! I highly recommend this!

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 *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.



If you are like me, you like to wear flip flops. Consequences of this? Take a look at the heels of your feet. Are they cracked? Dry? Try living in Arizona and wearing flip flops almost everyday. It really does a number on you!  I have tried countless numbers of moisturizers but had no luck in healing my painful feet. One day I was searching through Twitter and found a wonderful company called Footnanny. I thought, Why not give it a try?


The day I received the box in the mail, I was completely surprised. I even felt spoiled! I had received a wonderfully packed box with 2 sets of baby booties, 1 8oz. jar of Chocolate Footnanny Foot Cream, 2 pairs of fuzzy socks and 2 jars of Unscented Footnanny Foot Cream. It felt like Christmas!!



I ended up trying the Chocolate foot cream that same night I received the package. The smell… lets just say it smelled delicious. There are a lot of products out there that have a label that says it smells like chocolate, but to your dismay, it doesn’t even come close to the actual smell. Trust me when I say, this cream smells scrumptious! I applied the cream to both of my feet, focusing  on the heels. I ended up putting a pair of the fuzzy socks on, so that the moisture of the cream stayed inside and didn’t instantly dry from the ceiling fan.

When I woke up.. I  had completely forgotten about putting the cream on the night before. By now I am used to my morning routine. Alarm clock rings, I sit up, swing my feet over to the side of the bed, stand up and feel that horrible pain from the deep cracks in the heels. That morning was different. I woke up, stood up and felt nothing. No pain. I instantly walked into the bathroom to take a look at my heels. Of course the cracks were still there, but they seemed to be slowly disappearing. The moisture from the cream actually worked by helping prevent the cracks from progressing.


If you are looking for a product that will help keep your feet moisturized and feeling silky smooth, I recommend trying out Footnanny! Click here to check out all of their products!

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 *I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.