Ravin’ Reviews 1

Smells so good! It must be Scentsy!

For a long time I kept hearing about Scentsy, but always had the impression they were too expensive. Until one day my Mom had a friend that was a Scentsy Consultant. This was around Christmas time and my Mom gave me the opportunity to pick a warmer and some scented wax bars.

I browsed through the catalog and stumbled upon the Scentsy Doodlebud warmer. This was the perfect style for me! Then I had to make another tough decision… What scent did I want the wax bars to be?

I ended up choosing Skinny Dippin’ because I am a fan of  fruity smells… And c’mon you gotta love those names! When I received the two as a gift… I don’t think there has been a day that I haven’t had it on! The smell is so amazing that it is almost indescribable. The mixture of the fresh green apples, melons and pears is  the perfect blend and most definitely recommend this scent if your fruity smell type of person.

It seems while going through the catalog, I noticed there is a style to match anyone’s personality! The warmers are actually pretty reasonable in price. They range from $20-$40. There is so many different styles and colors to choose from as well. In my opinion the prices for the Scentsy wax bars are incredible! The scent that I had gotten was only a whoppin’ $5! One bar = 80 hours of heavenly greatness! There really is no limit to how long you have your warmer on for. Just think of it as if were a nightlight. Just a caution: Do make sure to keep this out of reach of children! The warmer does get hot and the wax is not something you would want to touch when melted.

If you are looking to purchase a fragrance wax warmer, I would definitely recommend checking out Scentsy! Just check out Scentsy.com, and from there you can enter your zip code to find a consultant near you!