Why I am the Worst Neighbor..Ever

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For most of my relationship with my hubby we have lived in apartments. Two to be exact. We lived in our last place for almost 6 years. (about that…) We had planned to save up for a house but of course obstacles always seemed to find us. The apartment was quite small, had all tile except for the bedrooms, but had just enough room for us all to live comfortably. We were on the bottom floor and let me tell you… Those walls were SUPER thin!

I had no beef with the family upstairs, except for one thing that drove me absolutely NUTS! Our neighbor owned an in home daycare.. Kids were being dropped off at the break of dawn, you would hear the children screaming for their parents to come back because of separation anxiety. The loveliest of it all? The lady who owned it, for some weird reason, felt as though she needed to wear high heels, EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am a fan of high heels, but seriously? You run after children in your heels at 5am? It was a blast waking up to the children upstairs running back and forth while bouncing a ball. Honestly, if we hadn’t moved out there, I would have had to have surgery on my jaw from clenching it so hard.

We ended up moving to a larger apartment a couple months ago. Its perfect. Only downfall? We are upstairs. Please keep in mind that I have a 2 and a 4 year old… who are crazy. Although the walls are a lot thicker here and we have carpet in almost every room, I still feel like everyone can hear us. Some of the amazing things my kids do: My youngest thinks its hilarious that I get upset that he jumps up and down repeatedly. They jump on their beds when I am not looking. My youngest screams in excitement to almost anything… They both cry and have tantrums and LOVE running from one room to the next. One thing that my 2 year old LOVES to do is bounce hard up and down when Bubble Guppies turns on and screams! (Apparently for him its comparable to a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert..) To top it off, I am sure all of our neighbors have heard me yelling at them to stop.

So if your looking for a neighbor who can offer you:

  • Guaranteed bed time for their youngest child at 1am….
  • Screaming
  • Yelling
  • Loud banging
  • Doors slamming
  • Crying
  • Thumping sounds from jumping on the bed and on the floor..
  • A screaming Bubble Guppies fanatic..

Then look NO further! 🙂

Just make sure that the next time you move into apartments, that we aren’t the ones living upstairs from you… 😉

Have you ever had to deal with a noisy neighbor?


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14 thoughts on “Why I am the Worst Neighbor..Ever

  1. thefrenchiemummy

    We used to live on a ground floor too. The neighbours were mad. It would be quite small and they had a massive dog. He was on his own all day in the flat, crying for them to come back. Then their daughter would have tantrums to go to bed and the mummy would leave her crying for hours without doing anything… I know you need to implement a sleep routine and not pick them up as soon as they cry but still…#AnythingGoes


  2. Kerry

    I would be that neighbour too! My kids love jumping off there beds and making lots of noise at the crack of dawn! Thank goodness we live in a house! #KCACOLS


  3. Becster

    Thankfully I have never lived in a flat – hubby did once and the argument the next door neighbour had at 1am was highly entertaining, including chucking out one persons belongings.

    Where I am now, we have a noisy neighbour – the son thinks he’s the next Gareth Bale (or Aaron Ramsey if the hair is anything to go by) and is constantly playing football. We can feel the vibrations of that bloody ball through our house I don’t know how his parents put up with it in their house as it must be awful! #KCACOLS


  4. Ordinary Hopes

    We could cope fine with the noise from our previous neighbours. What I was glad to move away from was the constant stream of things being lobbed into our garden! When mum went to work, dad was “in charge” which often meant being in the front garden whilst 8 children were in the back! A string of Christmas lights, a toy lawnmower and a toilet brush were among the more unusual items lobbed over the 6ft fence.



  5. rachelbustin

    Yes! We have noisy neighbours at the moment! It’s a shared party house by the sounds of it! Not good when my 6 month old cannot sleep xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


  6. Nadia - Scandimummy

    Ha ha ha… Yes I’m quite happy we’re living in a house though we can still hear the neighbors and I’m sure they can hear us too when our boy goes a little crazy from time to time 🙂 #KCACOLS

    Nadia – Scandimummy x


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